Portrait Sketch – Faces from Madrid

Salud Julian Belén Sylvia Javier Fran  Euzébio  Beatriz

Portrait sketches. Oil on canvas painted from life in the studio of Javier Marin www.pintormarin.com in Madrid. The models posed for between one and three sessions, each session lasting roughly three hours. It was fun, but also a real challenge to capture a likeness in such a short painting session. The models consist of a Play write, Dancer, Classical musicians, Singers and Friends.

RichardOliver Brushes


Thank you to ‘RichardOliver’ for a selection of there quality handcrafted made in Ireland artists brushes. RichardOliver has a great tradition of artist brushmaking for over a quarter of a century here in Ireland and I’m really looking forward to working with these brushes as always.